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Miss Molly

Miss Molly02

Meet Miss Molly the sheep with the perpetual smile.  Not all of our rescue animals come from far away places.  Miss Molly came from just down the road.  Miss Molly was living with a group of goats that kept bothering her.  Perhaps the goats wanted to play with her and she didn’t wanted to play or she didn’t know how.  So the owner, concerned about her safety, called us and asked if we would adopt her.  We said YES and, and with an extra broad smile, Miss Molly moved in--she has been smiling ever since.  Miss Molly lives in a special area next to the barn with other sheep and friendly goats.  She enjoys socializing with her new friends and has fun getting hugged every day.  So, join us in welcoming Miss Molly-- may she keep smiling for all of us for many years.

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