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Relaxing Scents

Almond Joe Scented Goat Milk Soap

Almond Joi: Enriched with  almond oil, ground almonds gives this soap mild abrasive qualities with a refreshing almond scent.

Price $2.99 per Bar

Cocoa Butter Scented Goat Milk Soap

Cocoa Butter: Enriched with cocoa butter and scented with coconut fragrance. 

Price $2.99 per Bar

Lavender Lace Scented Goat Milk Soap

Lavender Lace: Made with pure lavender essential oil and enhanced with dried lavender flowers.

Price $2.99 per Bar

Nitty Gritty Scented Goat Milk Soap

Nitty Gritty: This super scrub soap is made with ground eggshells and cedarwood essential oil. Great for cleaning hardworking hands.

Price $2.99 per Bar

Romantic Rose Scented Goat Milk Soap

Romantic Rose: This soap will appeal to those who are Victorian ladies at heart. Delicate rose petals enhance the fragrance of roses.
Backordered until end of July

Price $2.99 per Bar

Shepherd's Pride Scented Goat Milk Soap

Shepherd's Pride: Enriched with pure lanolin and aloe vera and scented with jasmine. A customer favorite for dry skin.*

Price $2.99 per Bar

Smoochy Patchouli Scented Goat Milk Soap

Smoochy Patchouli: This soap is richly scented with the pleasing scent of patchouli essential oil.

Price $2.99 per Bar

Very Vanilla Scented Goat Milk Soap

Very Vanilla: All the goodness of goat milk soap with the scent of vanilla.

Price $2.99 per Bar

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