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This special fellow is a newcomer to Coda’s Haven.   He was adopted through the Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue a few weeks ago.  This good-natured old gentleman was found wandering as a stray in Kentucky--it is incredible that he survived.  You see, Homer is completely blind.  But this isn't what makes Homer so remarkable.  He absolutely loves people--going from person to person, wagging his big bushy tail and soaking up the admiration.  A friend so aptly observed: "Homer doesn't see with his eyes.  He sees with his heart."
Since Homer came to Coda’s Haven he has been neutered, had some teeth extracted and had his lower lip, which was permanently split from an old injury, repaired.  He is scheduled to see an ophthalmologist next week to evaluate his cataracts to see if there’s any possibility of him regaining some of his sight. 

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