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The following article was featured in the Crossroads Donkey Rescue Newsletter, Spring 2004

Lone Ohio Donkey Survivor Gets Adopted

Crossroads Donkey Rescue is happy to announce the adoption of Ethel, the lone Ohio donkey survivor, by her foster caregivers Colleen Croxall and David Samuels.  Ethel has had a very rough start in her life.  Colleen and David have been kind enough to open their hearts and their pasture to Ethel and give her a permanent home with them at Coda’s Haven Farm in Willis, Michigan.

Ethel’s History

Ethel’s story began in September 2002 when Crossroads received a very disturbing email from a young boy in Ohio about some neglected donkeys near his home.  The report was that he saw four donkeys (one severely crippled) with tumors all over their bodies and they were living in manure that was so deep that the donkeys were actually living up near the rafters of the barn.  With the help of local animal control, Crossroads was able to take possession of the animals and transport them back to Michigan where they would receive proper care and treatment.  The donkeys were affectionately named Rocco and Rollo, and Lucy and Ethel.

Unfortunately, the care came a bit too late for Rocco, Rollo, and Lucy.  Rocco died from complications of surgery due to his severely contracted tendons.  Within the next six months, Lucy and Rollo had to be humanely euthanized from what was suspected to be hyperlipedemia because of their severe obesity.  Ethel has been the Ohio Four’s only survivor.

Ethel’s Home

Coda’s Haven Farm is a very special home.  Colleen and Dave have provided a safe refuge for a variety of animals including dogs, cats, sheep, goats, llamas, and of course, donkeys.  They welcome a group of children from church as frequent visitors to their farm which is a great situation for both the children and the animals alike.  We are told that Ethel gets very excited to see the children come to the farm.  She is one of the first animals to greet the children when they arrive.  She knows that these children will be showering her with all kinds of attention…..she is a far cry from the fearful, shaking, timid donkey that we hauled away from that farm in Ohio.

Ethel to Get a New Donkey Companion

Ethel seems very happy with her goat friends at Coda’s Haven Farm, but there is a very strong bond that develops between 2 donkey companions that is missing from her life.  Dave and Colleen have kept Ethel in a separate pen from their other 3 donkeys because they did not know how Maynard, Wilbur, and Orville might have treated her and did not want to stress her.  Now, Crossroads has found a perfect donkey companion for Ethel.

Ethel’s new friend is to be a donkey named Solomon.  He is a sweet, kind old soul that was rescued from an auction last September.  He was sold as a 15 year old, but after a medical examination, was found to be closer to 25 to 30 years old.  Solomon moves rather slowly from the arthritis in his back legs, but he is very kind and has a heart of gold.  After Dave had a long talk with Ethel, she has agreed to share her pasture with her new buddy, Solomon.  Colleen and Dave have graciously opened their hearts and their pasture again to another Crossroads rescue.  As soon as it can be arranged, Solomon will become a permanent resident at Coda’s Haven Farm.

Crossroad’s Gratitude

People like Colleen Croxall and Dave Samuels of Coda’s Haven Farm make our rescue efforts so rewarding.  Our foster facilities are unable to accommodate all the donkeys that cross our paths and many times we are scrambling to find a place to care for them.  Colleen and Dave cared for both Lucy and Ethel soon after they were rescued by Crossroads, and now they have graciously agreed to take in Solomon, who also is in need of special attention.  We cannot thank them both enough for all that they have done for our donkeys.  The love and care given to all their animals at Coda’s Haven Farm is immediately evident as soon as you pull in through the gates of their farm.  Crossroads Donkey Rescue has been successful in its first few years because of the caring individuals like Colleen and Dave.  And matching up the wonderful kind hearted donkeys like Ethel and Solomon, to the wonderful kind hearted people like Colleen and Dave is what our donkey rescue is all about.

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